1 SSC Software, Epson Chips Resetter for Free

SSC Service Utility the free solution for Epson Chip resetter on most Epson Stylus Color and Stylus Color Photo Printers. SSC software also called SSCLG or SSC serve software. SSC software is powerful software for Epson printer and it provides easy-to-use interface so for novice can use  this software without reading the instruction or manual.
SSCLG is can be used to reset chips on the Epson cartridges but unfortunately this software not support on newest Epson printers models. It caused due to some recent architecture changes in chip design of some Epson printers that can not be reset with the software. Alternative solution if this software does not support your chip’s cartridges you cana use chips resetter tools or change the chips with autoreset chips.

SSC Service Utility Version 4.30
Below the list Epson printer supported by this software. The level of supported printers varies depending on the type of chip used on the cartridge and printer firmware. Download Latest version of SSC Service Utility here: Download
The SSC software version updates:

New in 4.20:
  • support for CX4200/CX4700/CX4800/DX4200/DX4800
  • support for C47/C48- support for RX430- support for CX6500/CX6300
  • improved support for CX6400/CX6600
  • improved support for RX500/RX510- improved support for RX600/RX610
  • improved support for R1800
  • improved support for CX3700/CX3800/DX3800/DX3850
  • improved support for C67/C68/D68
  • improved support for C87/C88/D88
New in 4.10:
  • support for PM-970C
  • support for PictureMate
  • support for RX700
  • support for R2400
  • support for PM-A700
  • support for PM-G720
  • support for RX520
  • support for CX7800
  • support for CX4100
  • support for DX3800
  • support for CX3800/CX3810
  • support for CX3700
  • support for C67/68 and Photo Editions
  • support for C87/C88/D88 and Photo Editions
  • support for R220/R230
  • support for R320
  • support for CX4500
  • support for CX3650
New in 4.00:
  • support for CX4600
  • support for CX5300
  • support for CX5100
  • support for RX420
  • support for RX425
  • support for RX620
  • support for R1800
More Epson printer supported and download oldest version of SSCLG software open here: Need SSC service utility (SSCLG V 3.80), Download Here

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