0 Windows XP PPTP Instructions

How to Configure

  • Open Network Connections in Control Panel
    • Click Start then Control Panel
    • Click Network and Internet Connections (skip if not there)
    • Click Network Connections
  • Click Create a new connection under Network Tasks in the left column, then Next
  • Select Connect to the network at my workplace then Next
  • Select Virtual Private Network connection then Next
  • Type VPNReactor in the Company Name box then Next
  • Enter one of the following names in the Host Name field then Next
    • chicago.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • denver.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • denver2.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • denver3.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • fremont.vpnreactor.net - Southern California
    • houston.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • la.vpnreactor.net - Southern California
    • ny.vpnreactor.net - East Coast U.S.
    • nl.vpnreactor.net - Europe
    • uk.vpnreactor.net - Europe
    • vpn.vpnreactor.net - (FREE ACCOUNTS ONLY)
  • Select "My Use Only" if this is only for your Windows user account, or "Anyone's Use" if there are other Windows accounts that should have access to this VPNReactor account
  • Click Add a shortcut to have a VPNReactor shortcut added to your desktop
  • Click Finish

How to Connect

  • Double Click the VPNReactor icon on your desktop or click Start, select Connect To and select VPNReactor
  • Type your VPNReactor Login and Password in their respective fields
  • Click Connect

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